Are you tired of the same old, typical employee outings?

Have your employees lost their spunk, creativity, sense of team and ability to communicate effectively?

We here at Seneca Sailing Adventures, LLC understand the needs of today’s businesses in fostering a healthy and productive work environment.

The True Love Team offers a variety of Team Building activities to assist in developing solid employee relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. Handling the lines, manning the helm, experiencing the timing needed to “come about” can help your team gain renewed focus. When done, you can relax and enjoy the awe of harnessing the wind.

Call (607) 535-5253 to discover how a custom team charter can help make your corporate culture thrive once again!

Schooner Company Charters

Sailing and maintaining a classic John Alden Malabar VII 67′ Schooner takes more than just one person. It takes a team of dedicated professionals with passion and a True Love for what they do!

The Captain is always in charge, but it is the crew that really makes the True Love sail through the beautiful waters of the Finger Lakes. We have a saying that “This beautiful boat doesn’t leave the dock with out a TEAM to make it happen!”

If you choose to have a Corporate Team Building Challenge with us, we will help teach the skills needed in a corporate setting. We will express the importance of listening, communication, anticipation, following through, and by doing so we will transform your team into Team Port and Team Starboard.

Each Team will have responsibilities that will make or break the challenge presented. We either get to go sailing, or we don’t, your team will decide if that is going to happen based on the skills they learn along the way.

Now it doesn’t have to be all work and no play, so if you just want to sit back, relax and drink some Finger Lakes Wine, Spirits and Beer, we can arrange for that as well!

Please give Seneca Sailing Adventures, LLC a call at 607-535-5253 to see if we can assist your team members  in building great relationships and memories that will not only last a lifetime, but also add to the bottom line!



Do you have clients coming into town for a meeting and need to impress them? If you want to make an impression, True Love is at your service. Whether you book one seat or the whole sailboat our staff will show your clients a good time out on the water. Seneca Sailing Adventures, LLC understands the entertainment needs of today’s businesses and we can tailor a private charter package that fits your budget. From recommending a wine tour to the perfect restaurants, we can help make your leisure time with clients both enjoyable and memorable. Call us today at (607) 535-5253 to book a charter!

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